We want to feature you! 

At Pomsly we are passionate about making small business entrepreneurs and handmade artists grow. Networking and collaborating with others is the best way to grow your brand and help your website or shop rise to the top.  

We love to support our fellow businesses by offering free and paid featured options. Pick one of our small business features to get started!

Social Media Features (Always and forever free. We pinkie swear!)

These days collaborating on social media is a great way to gain new followers! While some charge for a feature like this we do not! (And promise never to in the future!)  

  • Receive a personalized shout out on our social medias when you submit your shop/business/blog. 
  • Send your social media submissions to Hello@Pomsly.com with 2-3 of your BEST images and a short blurb about what is in the images. Please also include you Instagram handle and Facebook page URL. 

If you do not receive a feature the first time don't sweat it, just try, try, try again!  

Blog features (Free)

If you want to be featured not just on our social medias but also our blog with an exclusive back link then please apply. (Read our article here on why back links are so valuable!)

We do monthly curated small business blog posts and send these posts out to our email subscribers. In addition to that, the artists/entrepreneurs are also shared on our social sites!

Studio Features

Do you have a dreamy studio, office or workspace you would love to show off?

We have a special section of features on our site that boasts beautiful and inspiring workspaces. 

Send us an email at Hello@Pomsly.com with 3-5 images and tell us all about your stellar studio, what you do in it and how you decorated it. Be sure to include links to your own website and social outlets. 

Elite Exculsive Features

Our elite exclusive features are great if you really want to stand out and get noticed!  

Exclusive features include the following  

  • Full blog post written exclusively about your shop or business. 
  • Brief email interview with you to learn about your creation process and passions. How you got started and your vision for your business.
  • Links to your websites and social medias with a feature in our email newsletter
  • Valuable back links will remain on our website permanently!
  • A review of one of your products. 
  • With Elite Features there is a $45 fee for the photography of your product with copyright release to the photos. We usually release 2 styled images of your product.  
  • If you do not sell a product but a service or are a blogger then the Elite blog feature is only $29. 

Apply for our Elite Exclusive Feature here.

We can't wait to hear from you!

EMAIL US DIRECTLY Hello@Pomsly.com

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JOIN OUR TEAM If you would like to join our editorial crew and write for us please contact us at Hello@Posmly.com